Essentially Australia Essential Oils: Uses and Benefits

Essentially Australia Essential Oils - A Bella Adventure
Essentially Australia essential oils are 100% pure, native Australian essential oils. Founded in 2012 by Greg Trevena, an Australian essential oil specialist. Essentially Australia have an extensive range of 35 Australian essential oils. This is the largest range of Australian essential oils in the world. With another 5 unique Australian essential oils soon to be released from their plantations in the Byron Bay hinterland. Essential oils offer many uses and benefits such as aromatherapy and improving emotional wellbeing.

Fragonia Essential Oil, 12ml, $20.50
This Fragonia Australian essential oil has a beautifully fresh, fragrant and woody aroma. It is known for its emotionally balancing properties. It can help to calm and relax the mind, harmonise and rebalance emotions and hormones. The soothing aroma can help to resolve stress and emotional unhappiness. Fragonia essential oil is also good for tired joints or muscles. I found the scent helpful in the evening to calm and relax myself for sleep. I also really enjoyed using this essential oil as a natural perfume.

Uses: Add 1 or 2 drops to an essential oil diffuser, oil burner, air purifier, air freshener, potpourri, or bath. It can also be combined with a carrier oil to create a relaxing massage oil, used as a natural perfume and for meditation.

Zest Myrtle Essential Oil, 12ml, $22.95
This new essential oil has quite a strong scent. It has an invigorating, zesty, fresh lemon aroma with a hint of pine and woody notes. The invigorating aroma can give a feeling of energy and inspiration. It works well when blended with woody, spicy, floral oils. Try blending with Lemon Myrtle, Eucalyptus or Tea Tree. Medicinal properties include acting as a mood enhancer, increasing positivity, energy and creativity. I loved using it in an oil burner to fill the room with this fresh and energising scent.

Uses: Add 1 or 2 drops to an essential oil diffuser, oil burner, air purifier, air freshener, potpourri, bath, vacuum cloth bag, floor washing water, dishwashing liquid, or add to an insect repellent.

Do you use essential oils? Did you know these Essentially Australia essential oils have so many uses and benefits? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Sounds great, I think I would love the Zest Myrtle scent most.

  • Oh wow I MUST have that Fragonia one – love woody scents, and if it helps balance me out and calm me down before I hit the hay, I’m in! xxx

  • Zest Mrytle sounds like my sort of fragance for an essential oil. I’d love to try this!