Converting to Natural Products

Converting to Natural Products - A Bella Adventure Blog

I am a big fan of natural and organic beauty products. The skin is our largest organ and the products you put on your skin go directly into your blood stream and to your organs. These are my top tips for converting to natural products.

Small changes can lead to big things
Making small changes in the products you buy now can lead to big things in the future. Converting to natural products doesn’t have to happen overnight. In fact, I think that this sort of approach can be too overwhelming for most people to achieve. The most important thing is to take it at a pace that you are happy with. I chose to do it in a progressive way and ease myself into it. When one of my products ran out I simply replaced it with a natural or organic version.

Focus on changing the products you use on a daily basis
The products you use on a daily basis are the ones which come into contact with your body the most. Focus on converting your daily facial moisturiser, facial cleanser, body wash, body lotions, deodorant, lip balm, shampoo and conditioner. Some of my favourite everyday natural products to use are Nourish Naturals Crystal Deodorant, Green People Daily Aloe Shampoo & Conditioner and Billie Goat Soap Lip Balm & Moisturiser.

Check the ingredients in the beauty products you purchase
A lot of beauty products claim to be pure, botanical, natural or organic but the only way to be fully informed is to carefully read the ingredients list yourself. If you are buying organic products look for the term Certified Organic. The three main ingredients you should be avoiding in your beauty products are parabens, synthetic mineral oils and sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate.

Natural ingredients have so many skin benefits
Most natural ingredients are packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Look for skin loving ingredients like aloe vera, beeswax, vitamin E, shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, rosehip oil and calendula. I also look for products that are naturally scented with essential oils such as lavender, rose, vanilla, chamomile and frankincense.

Start using a nourishing organic facial oil
Rosehip oil and jojoba oil are packed with nutrient rich anti-ageing powers and are deeply nourishing on the skin. These facial oils provide a potent dose of wrinkle fighting vitamins and antioxidants while plumping the skin and locking in moisture. I love to apply Lhami Skincare Wild Rosehip Face Oil in the evening and then give myself a little facial massage to improve the skin tone and increase circulation.

Are you interested in converting to natural products or have you already? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • amandagorton

    It’s only been recently that I have started insisting on using natural products. Prior I was a dabbler. The greatest thing that encouraged me to convert was education. Researching products and learning about the differences was a huge motivator.

  • Tal

    Great advice! I’m doing everything you just stated on my journey to change my products to all natural, green & organic. I just hate that I have a few eyeshadow palettes that aren’t natural that aren’t being used or wont be used up…oh well!

    • Hi Tal, Thanks for stopping by and commenting! So glad to hear that you enjoyed my advice in this post. Good on you for making the change towards natural and organic products.

  • Some of my favourite brands that use all natural ingredients are Antipodes Skincare, MooGoo and People For Plants! You’d probably like them as well! x

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  • Christina

    Hello! I couldnt agree more!! I was 100% natural everything while pregnant and breastfeeding, although I use a mix now- LOVE facial oils!! My skin is drinking them up during the cold weather!! Lovely post, great ideas!! Xo

  • I have found myself, unintentionally using more natural and organic products recently. I like the gradual approach you detailed.

  • Great post! I’ve been thinking about going natural for a while now but I’ve found it so hard to find natural products that work with my skin. I’ve got a few natural skincare products on the go and I’m going to continue to find more.

  • Hi hon – great information thankyou ♡. I use some natural products, but there are others I just can’t manage without these days, wish I’d started long ago as I probably wouldn’t need the “manufactured” ones now ♡

  • I am trying really hard to convert to natural organic products but I have so many non natural/organic products in my stash :(

  • Prue

    Great advice on slowly converting to natural products. It can definitely seem very overwhelming to throw everything away and start from scratch. I’d have to really look at the ingredients in most of my products. I do already use a rose hip facial oil, so I can tick one thing off the list!

    • It’s a great start that you already use a rosehip facial oil, they are packed with skin loving goodness! I think the most important thing is to take it at a pace you are most comfortable.

      • Prue

        Thanks Angela :-)