Everybodi Coffee Body Scrubs: Love Your Skin

Everybodi Coffee Body Scrubs - A Bella Adventure
Everybodi coffee body scrubs are natural, Australian made and fragrance free. Their products are made from 100% natural ingredients sourced from plant and mineral origins. Each ingredient has been chosen for its unique qualities to repair and improve the skin. Products designed to give you soft healthy skin whilst providing support for those in need. Everybodi has partnered with Anonymous X, a Melbourne based charity that provides support for people experiencing homelessness. They offer free shipping Australia wide.

Everybodi Peppermint Body Scrub - A Bella Adventure
Everybodi Magnesium & Coffee Body Scrub Peppermint, 220g, $22.95

Everybodi Grapefruit & Lavender Body Scrub Everybodi Peppermint Body Scrub - A Bella Adventure
Everybodi Magnesium & Coffee Body Scrub Grapefruit & Lavender, 220g, $22.95

I have been obsessed with natural body scrubs lately. They help to stimulate blood circulation and remove dead skin. This scrub range uses a unique combination of two types of magnesium. They use only 100% natural magnesium sulphate and chloride. Magnesium helps to reduce muscle aches and pains. It helps rid your body of toxins and waste. It contributes to increased energy levels and better quality sleep. It also encourages a feeling of well being and relaxation. Quite the impressive list of benefits!

These Everybodi coffee body scrubs smell amazing! My fave is the peppermint scent which is so minty-fresh and invigorating. The grapefruit and lavender scent is a beautiful combo of uplifting citrus and calming lavender. They contain ground coffee beans for natural exfoliation. Coconut oil and grapeseed oil deliver hydration. While avocado oil protects and repairs the skin. These gentle scrubs would be perfect for those with sensitive skin. Plus there’s no need to moisturise afterwards. The beautiful oils it contains leave my skin naturally soft and hydrated. It’s safe to say my skin loves these scrubs!

Would you give these Everybodi Coffee Body Scrubs a go? Let me know in the comments below.

*Products provided for consideration, this has not affected my opinion in any way.
  • Oooh I’d definitely go for the Grapefruit and Lavender one! Love it when companies contribute to society too, thanks for this review hon xxx

  • ooh these do sound quite nice!

  • I’ve been trying to use body scrubs more often. The peppermint would be great to start the day with! I love that they have partnered with a charity and are giving back!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting Jill! I use a natural coffee body scrub a few times a week and my skin loves it. Also love that they care and give back to charity ♡