A Bella Adventure 1st Blogiversary

A Bella Adventure 1st Blogiversary - A Bella Adventure

A Bella Adventure has come a long way in the past year and is proud and excited to celebrate it’s 1st Blogiversary this week!

The major highlights from the past year were:

Being featured by Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily in their article ‘Which Natural Beauty Products do Bloggers and Industry Types Actually Use?’

My first blog giveaway – Rubifresh Skincare Giveaway

Being Featured by My Hair Care in their article Our 6 Fave Australian Beauty Bloggers Right Now

Attending my first blogger event – The Doll Connection Blogger Event

Being Featured by Tried & Tested Blog in their article The Beauty Behind the Blog: Angela from A Bella Adventure

My first natural beauty gift swap – Natural Beauty Gift Swap

To start the A Bella Adventure 1st Blogiversary celebrations I am giving out spot prizes as a thank you to some of my lovely loyal blog readers and social media followers. I want to thank those who regularly comment on my blog posts and are active on my social media pages. Those who have read my natural product reviews and been inspired to purchase. Those who have read my natural beauty tips and been inspired to take a closer look at the products they use every day. I also want to say a special thank you to those who entered my last giveaway but didn’t win and remain the loyal followers that you are!

A big thank you to BotanicES Natural Caffeine Skincare who have generously provided a bunch of sample packs for me to share with you. Now you get the chance to try this new Australian made natural skincare range. Their products contain natural caffeine, rich in anti-oxidants, for tighter, firmer and more hydrated skin. They are also an environmentally sustainable brand – all product bottles and packaging is recyclable. Each sample pack contains 1x 5ml Face Creme, 1x 5ml Eye Creme & 1x 5ml Body Creme.

BotanicES Sample Pack - A Bella Adventure

The first 10 spot prize winners are:
M. Gandevia
L. Atkins
K. Shepsutt
A. Menzies
M. Finlay
S. Munaver
A. Gorton
P. Pearse
A. Forrest
S. Daniel

Congrats to the lucky winners! Please send me your postal address through the blog contact page.

The good news is that I still have plenty more sample packs to give away so get active on my blog and social media and you could be one of the next winners.

I’ve also got many exciting things planned for the coming year so stay tuned!

What would you like to see more of on A Bella Adventure in the coming year? Let me know in the comments below.

  • Dianne Childs

    Happy Blogiversary and congrats to the spot prize winners! :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  • Happy 1st Blogiversary! Your blog seems so established I always think it’s been around for a lot longer.

  • Christina

    What lovely prods, very generous! Congratulations to the winners and happy blogiversary!!! X

  • congrats winners :) x

  • Congratulations to all the lucky winners.xx

  • Congrats Mel! I got your email and details. Thanks for being a long time follower of my blog ♥

  • Golly gosh – what a treat! Thanks SO much hon – I’m both excited and honoured to be part of your 1st blogiversary celebrations. You go girl!

    • Congrats Kats! I got your email and details. Thanks for being one of my best followers ♥

      • Just popping back in to say Happy New Year sweetie, and to let you know that I’m LOVING the botaniCES products – they’re so enriching, and such a little goes a long long way. Will do a review soon – thank you again for the chance to try them out ♥

        • Happy New Year Kats! I have been loving their products too, they are so nourishing on my skin. Can’t wait to check out your review ♥

  • Anna M

    Well blow me down…you have made my day.
    That year seems to have gone by so quickly.
    Messaging you now :)

    • Congrats! I just got your email and details. Thanks again for following my blog :)

      • Anna M

        Thank you. How exciting :)

  • CherryBlossom

    Oh congrats to you A Bella Adventure, well done! And congrats to the winners too!

    • Thank you! My blog has come a long way in the first year so it is time to celebrate. For being the first person to comment on this post you have won a sample pack too…please send me your postal address through the blog contact page. Congrats!

      • CherryBlossom

        Hi Angela

        Oh that’s so sweet and made my day!
        I am still finding my way around commenting and supporting the BH beauties’ blogs, I read them, but when I go to comment, I have to set up accounts etc and it’s a hassle sometimes. Luckily, I have an account with Disqus, so yours was much easier, and I’ll have to follow your blog and comment more regularly.
        You’re doing a great job and keep up the good work. I especially love your aspect and helpful info on natural skincare and products. I’ve submitted my postal address thru your Contacts page.

        Thank you

        Subject: Re: Comment on A Bella Adventure 1st Blogiversary

        • Thanks Sarah, I just got your email and details. I’ll be gathering the other winners details and BotanicES will be posting the sample packs out, I’ll keep you updated :)